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UDE strives to excel in teaching, research and professional development. The Personnel Development Department (PE) and the Centre for University Quality Development (ZHQE) are the two central facilities at UDE for training and professional development, offering numerous continuing education opportunities.

The following departments also offer further training opportunities:

  • The Graduate Center Plus offers a range of workshops and academies for early career researchers (PhD students and postdocs) of all subject groups and career levels.
  • The Faculties of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences offer the DokForum for the support and networking of doctoral students.

Personal counseling services at the University of Duisburg-Essen can be found under "Further Advisory Services".

PE In-house training programmes

The personnel development (PE) offers all UDE staff the opportunity to attend in-house training events as well as seminars from the annual course programmes of selected external providers. The in-house events are open to all staff, most of them at no charge. Once you have been accepted for a course, you are automatically granted leave of absence. Please register for all PE in-house training events as early as possible via the online portal.

You will find the program for the year 2021 on the website of the personnel development department.

ZHQE professional development and counselling for teaching staff

The Centre for University Quality Development (ZHQE) offers a rich development and counselling programme for teaching and learning at UDE: teaching staff and researchers have the opportunity to enhance their skills in module-based professional development programmes.

All coaching services for teaching staff can be found on the ZHQE website.