Studying immune cell function in vivo


A cause of post-stroke immunodeficiency identified

Prof. Gunzer and Dr. Vikramjeet Singh with their team at the medical faculty of University Essen and the ISAS e.V. Dortmund succeeded in proving a causal link between stroke, heart attack and immunodeficiency , and they could also demonstrate a new treatment approach for this dangerous condition. Read more about this below

April 2024 - ComplexEye: The Platform for high throughput Cell Migration analysis

December 2023 - Welcome to ComplexEye, our new high-throughput video microscope!

We have developed a cutting edge array microscope for the high throughput analysis of migrating human neutrophils. Read here more about us and the function of the microscope, named ComplexEye (Nature Communications).

Oktober 2023 - "Life Beyond Vision" Calender 2024

Find here more information to our "Life Beyond Vision"- Calender 2024.

18.09.2023 -22.09.2023 -  SFB TRR332 Retreat at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Duisburg-Essen

Read here more about the fabulous professional exchange with the focus on outstanding scientific achievement in field of neutrophils and the appreciation of young scientists.

30.05.2022 – Successful acquisition of a new Transregio-SFB focusing on neutrophils (CRC TRR 332 – Neutrophils: Origin, Fate and Function)

The institute is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a new Transregio/SFB focusing specifically on neutrophils. 5 sub-projects from Essen are funded of which 3 are from the Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging alone! Read more here:



Our Department Immunodynamics:



SFB /TRR332 Homepage:

Latest Publications

Januar 2024

In-vivo tracking of deuterium metabolism in mouse organs using LC-MS/MS


Kasarla SS, Flocke V, Saw NMT, Fecke A, Sickmann A, Gunzer M, Flögel U, Phapale P.




J Chromatogr A.  

2024  Jan.

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December 2023

ComplexEye: a multi-lens array microscope for high-throughput embedded immune cell migration analysis


Cibir Z, Hassel J, Sonneck J, Kowitz L, Beer A, Kraus A, Hallekamp G, Rosenkranz M, Raffelberg P, Olfen S, Smilowski K, Burkard R, Helfrich I, Tuz AA, Singh V, Ghosh S, Sickmann A, Klebl AK, Eickhoff JE, Klebl B, Seidl K, Chen J, Grabmaier A, Viga R, Gunzer M.


Nat Commun.


2023 Dec.

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July 2023

Regulatory T cells suppress the motility of cytotoxic T cells in Friend retrovirus-infected mice.

Mittermüller D, Otto L, Long Z, Kraus A, Beer A, Hasenberg A, Zelinskyy G, Westmeier J, Hasenkrug KJ, Dittmer U, Gunzer M.




JCI Insight.

2023 July.

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Video by Nature about our newly published paper named "A network of trans-cortical capillaries as mainstay for blood circulation in long bones" in Nature Metabolism (English only).