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30.05.2022 – Successful acquisition of a new Transregio-SFB focusing on neutrophils (CRC TRR 332 – Neutrophils: Origin, Fate and Function)

The institute is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a new Transregio/SFB focusing specifically on neutrophils. 5 sub-projects from Essen are funded of which 3 are from the Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging alone! Read more here:



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Latest Publications

April 2023

Neutrophil Conversion to a Tumor-Killing Phenotype Underpins Effective Microbial Therapy


Yam AO, Bailey J, Lin F, Jakovija A, Youlten SE, Counoupas C, Gunzer M, Bald T, Woodruff TM, Triccas JA, Goldstein LD, Gallego-Ortega D, Grey ST, Chtanova T.



Cancer Res.


2023 April.

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April 2023

Pathological neutrophil migration predicts adverse outcomes in hospitalized patients with liver cirrhosis.


Langer MM, Sichelschmidt S, Bauschen A, Bornemann L, Guckenbiehl S, Gunzer M, Lange CM.



Liver Int.  

2023 April.

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March 2023

Rapid and fully automated blood vasculature analysis in 3D light-sheet image volumes of different organs

Spangenberg P, Hagemann N, Squire A, Förster N, Krauß SD, Qi Y, Yusuf AM, Wang J, Grüneboom A, Kowitz L, Korste S, Totzeck M, Cibir Z, Tuz AA, Singh V, Siemes D, Struensee L, Engel DR, Ludewig P, Nascentes Melo LM, Helfrich I, Chen J, Gunzer M, Hermann DM, Mosig A.


Cell Rep Methods.

2023 March.

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Video by Nature about our newly published paper named "A network of trans-cortical capillaries as mainstay for blood circulation in long bones" in Nature Metabolism (English only).