Studying immune cell function in vivo


New open SHK - Position

See here more details on our new open SHK position.

A cause of post-stroke immunodeficiency identified

Prof. Gunzer and Dr. Vikramjeet Singh with their team at the medical faculty of University Essen and the ISAS e.V. Dortmund succeeded in proving a causal link between stroke, heart attack and immunodeficiency , and they could also demonstrate a new treatment approach for this dangerous condition. Read more about this below

April 2024 - ComplexEye: The Platform for high throughput Cell Migration analysis

December 2023 - Welcome to ComplexEye, our new high-throughput video microscope!

We have developed a cutting edge array microscope for the high throughput analysis of migrating human neutrophils. Read here more about us and the function of the microscope, named ComplexEye (Nature Communications).

Oktober 2023 - "Life Beyond Vision" Calender 2024

Find here more information to our "Life Beyond Vision"- Calender 2024.

18.09.2023 -22.09.2023 -  SFB TRR332 Retreat at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Duisburg-Essen

Read here more about the fabulous professional exchange with the focus on outstanding scientific achievement in field of neutrophils and the appreciation of young scientists.

30.05.2022 – Successful acquisition of a new Transregio-SFB focusing on neutrophils (CRC TRR 332 – Neutrophils: Origin, Fate and Function)

The institute is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a new Transregio/SFB focusing specifically on neutrophils. 5 sub-projects from Essen are funded of which 3 are from the Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging alone! Read more here:



Our Department Immunodynamics:



SFB /TRR332 Homepage:

Latest Publications

June 2024

Multisensory Extended Reality Applications Offer Benefits for Volumetric Biomedical Image Analysis in Research and Medicine

Krieger K, Egger J, Kleesiek J, Gunzer M, Chen J.


J Imaging Inform Med.  

2024  Jun.

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April 2024

PD-1 knockout on cytotoxic primary murine CD8+ T cells improves their motility in retrovirus infected mice

Mittermüller D, Otto L, Kilian AL, Schnormeier AK, Littwitz-Salomon E, Hasenberg A, Dittmer U, Gunzer M.


Front Immunol.

2024 April.

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Video by Nature about our newly published paper named "A network of trans-cortical capillaries as mainstay for blood circulation in long bones" in Nature Metabolism (English only).