Online Booking Scheduler

Here you can see how to book the intstruments of the AG Gunzer & the Imaging Center Essen (IMCES)

AG Gunzer Scheduler

The following instruments and roomes of the AG Gunzer are located at the University Essen:

  • IMARIS Workstation
  • Leica 6000 Microscope (Widefield) with Fluoreszenz
  • MACS Quant VYB Flow Cytometer
  • Zeiss Observer.Z1 Microscope (Widefield)
  • Mouse room
  • ComplexEye (Simultaneous tracking of life cells in multiple wells)

If you are interested in booking our microscopes, please register here .

After registration you will receive an eMail from our administration team, how you can log in.

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IMCES Scheduler

The following instruments of the IMCES are located at the University Hospital Essen and University Essen:

  • Light Microscopy
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Other Imaging Modalities
  • Sample Preparation
  • Workstations for Image Post-Processing


If you are interested in booking our instruments, please read here how to register.


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