DFG Research Grant for Dr. Vikramjeet Singh

Immunologist Dr. Vikramjeet Singh has developed a strong interest in the understanding of intestinal microflora functions in brain tissue injuries. One of his recent findings are the development of post-stroke dysbiosis and how the interplay between intestinal microbes-immune cells modify neuroinflammation in experimental models of stroke. In his new DFG project, Dr. Singh wants to understand the impact of intestinal microbiota on the activation of neutrophils and find ways to reduce their neurotoxic functions. Neutrophils are present in high numbers in the human blood and shown to be the first invaders to the injured brain. The molecular signals that can derive neutrophil activation are not yet completely elusive. Moreover, the therapies targeting neutrophil invasion and their neurotoxic functions are not yet available. The purpose of Dr. Singh’s DFG project is to shed further light on these questions.

Dr. Vikramjeet Singh studied Neuroscience at the University of Strasbourg, France, and did his Ph.D. in Hannover Medical School in Germany. Following his interest in Neuroscience, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Arthur Liesz as Postdoc at the Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research at the LMU Medical Center in 2014. From 2018, he is working in the research group of Prof. Matthias Gunzer at the Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging in Essen.

Principal Investigator


Dr. Anja Hasenberg

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