Research - Projects: Neutrophil functions in stroke

Neutrophil functions in stroke

Neutrophils as an early invader to the ischemic brain are responsible for initiating several neuroinflammatory mechanisms after stroke. In the present project, we are focused on understanding the key mechanisms of neutrophil activation and their migration to the injured brain. This is achieved by utilizing a broad spectrum of technologies ranging from transgenic mouse lines, different mouse models of stroke, cutting-edge immunological approaches, behavioral analysis tools and 3D light sheet fluorescence microscopy. The ultimate goal of our studies is to dissect the contribution of specific peripheral signals involved in immune activation and discover novel drug targets for the need of stroke patients.


  • Dr. Vikramjeet Singh
  • Ali Ata Tuz
  • Viola Kaygusuz
  • Altea Qefalia
  • Medina Antler
  • Vivian Lakovic