Publications IEII and the public

Publications IEII - AG Gunzer


Lactate released by inflammatory bone marrow neutrophils induces their mobilization via endothelial GPR81 signaling..



Khatib-Massalha E, Bhattacharya S,..., Gunzer M, Offermanns S, Alon R, Ariel A, Lapidot T.

Nat Commun.

(July 2020)

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Publication IMCES Electron Microscopy Unit

beta-catenin in intranuclear inclusions of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Schwertheim S, Jastrow H, Kälsch J, Herold T, Theurer S, Ting S, Schmid KW, Baba HA.


Hepatoma Res.

(July 2020)

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Publications Immunodynamics

Spatial proteomics revealed a CX3CL1-dependent crosstalk between the urothelium and relocated macrophages through IL-6 during an acute bacterial infection in the urinary bladder.

J. Bottek, C. Soun, J. K. Volke, A. Dixit, S. Thiebes, A.-L Beerlage, ..., N. Vijitha, F. von Eggeling, D.-R. Engel.


Mucosal Immunol

(Accepted 2020)

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IEII and the public


The following paper has received a lot of attention from the press and public.










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