Publications IEII and the public

Publications IEII - AG Gunzer


Antibody-guided in vivo imaging of Aspergillus fumigatus lung infections during antifungal azole treatment.



Henneberg S, Hasenberg A, Maurer A, ..., Kraus A, Hasenberg M, Thornton CR, Pichler BJ, Gunzer M, Beziere N.

Nat Commun.

(Marc 2021)

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Publications IMCES Light Microscopy & FACS Unit


Matrix-specific mechanism of Fe ion release from laser-generated 3D-printable nanoparticle-polymer composites and their protein adsorption properties.

Li Y, Rehbock C, Nachev M, Stamm J, Sures B, Blaeser A, Barcikowski S.




(February 2021)

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Publication IMCES Electron Microscopy Unit

The infectious propagules of Aspergillus fumigatus are coated with antimicrobial peptides.

Dümig M, ..., Hasenberg M, Gunzer M, Fischer R, Künzler M, Krappmann S.



Cell Microbiol.

(March 2021)

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Publications Immunodynamics

Proteomic and bioinformatic profiling of neutrophils in CLL reveals functional defects that predispose to bacterial infections.



Subramaniam N, Bottek J, Thiebes S, Zec K, Kudla M, Soun C, de Dios Panal E, Lill JK,..., Engel DR.


Blood Adv. 2021 Mar

(March 2021)

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IEII and the public


The following paper has received a lot of attention from the press and public.










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