Light MicroscopyZeiss Apotome

Technical Details:


Microscope frame: Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1 motorized inverted epifluorescence microscope.

Illumination with metal halide HXP-120 Lamp and Colibri high performance LED at 385nm, 430nm, 475nm, 555nm, 590nm, 630nm and 735nm.


monochrome Camera: Orca flash 16 bit data depth 4.2 Megapixel monochrome sCMOS camera.

color Camera: Axiocam 506 color 6 Megapixel 12x10mm Chipsize

filter Setup:

Filter Set Excitation Dichroic Emission Fluorophores
Zeiss filter set 49 G365 395 BP 445/50 DAPI

Zeiss filter set 38

BP 470/40 495 BP 525/50 FITC, Alexa 488, EGFP

Custom Filter Set

BP 377/50 409 BP 525/50 eCFP, BV510
AHF F56-429*

468/40 & 553/30

493 & 574

DBP 512/30 & 630/100

GFP & DsRed

upon request

Zeiss filter set 43 BP 545/25 570 BP 605/70 TRITC, Cy3, Alexa 546, DsRED
AHF Filter Set F46-306* BP 580/25 600 BP 625/30

AF 594

upon request

Zeiss filter set 50 BP 640/30 660 BP 690/50 Cy5, Alexa 647
AHF filter Set F36-751 BP 735/28 757 BP 809/81 Cy7, APC/Fire


Software: ZEN Blue 2012


Live Cell Imaging Accessories: Pecon Large Chamber Incubation System S, comprising:

  • Incubator and heating unit XL multi S1 (large heated chamber around inverted microscope)
  • Temp module S.
  • CO2 module S.
  • Heated insert PS1 with CO2 cover PMS1.
  • Heated insert P Lab-Tek with CO2 cover.


Zeiss ApoTome:
The Zeiss ApoTome3 uses structured illumination giving wide field optical sectioning to remove blur arising from out of focus fluorescence signal. The Zeiss Campus webpages show the ApoTome principle and operation.