Research Area: Context-sensitive Research and Development of the School System

Leadership: Prof. Dr. Isabell van Ackeren

In recent years, there has been growing national and international recognition that contingency factors of school and teaching, such as the social space in which a school is located, the composition of the student body, the structure of the education and administration system, and also the tradition and culture of the individual schools have a great influence on practices within schools and also on the possibilities of changing these practices through school development. The research area is dedicated to the national and international comparative analysis and adaptive and context-specific development of schools.


Research Area: Professionalisation in the context of Diversity

Leadership: Dr. Anke Liegmann

Against the background of the reform of teacher training in the course of the transition to BA/MA and the consequent extension of practical phases (e.g. Professional Field Internship, practical semester) the practical semester as well as alternative learning arrangements – with which theory-practice-relations are aimed - come to the fore. The research area looks at the professionalization of prospective teachers in the first university phase of teacher training and deals with their appropriation processes, performance and orientation.


Research Area: School Development and Digitization

Leadership: Dr. Manuela Endberg

Digitization permeates society and thus the education sector inexorably.  With a view to the opportunities, challenges and changes that schools currently and in the future face in the context of digitalization, we investigate how school development processes can be shaped sustainably in this context. Our research is located at the interface between school development, school pedagogy and media education and takes this interdisciplinary character into account with multi-perspective and multi-methodological approaches.