High school students and prospective students

Exciting Insights into Research

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The Faculty of Engineering and the University Duisburg-Essen offer experiments for schools and high school students, which are intended to promote the joy and fun of technology and enable a playful introduction to engineering sciences as well as providing an insight into the university.

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The "NanoSchoolLab" school laboratory uses state-of-the-art experiments to show where nanotechnology is already being used in everyday life. In consultation with the teachers, special exercises can also take place to accompany the lessons. In this way, the nanoworld can be visually explored and understood.

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The Mobile Electrical Engineering Student Laboratory (MESLAB) wants to introduce students to subject of electrical engineering, which is of fundamental importance for all technical areas. The aim is to ensure that high school students have had at least one contact with this very interesting and future-oriented field before making their final career decision, and perhaps to arouse their interest in it.

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Thanks to exciting experiments and unusual excursions, S.U.N.I. offers a unique forum for targeted study choice orientation in the natural and engineering sciences.


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Girls' Day

On Girls' Day - Girls' Future Day, schoolgirls in the 9th and 10th grades can gain exciting insights into natural and engineering science courses of study at the UDE and experiment and puzzle in events with a practical focus.

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Information for prospective students

Early Studies

Anyone who would like to attend an event as a student, either once or on a regular basis, can find information here.

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Study Programs

The study programs of EIT present themselves here:

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Professors introduce themselves

Here, EIT professors present research and teaching in their fields for first-year students, but also for prospective students:

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Bridge course KIT

Freely accessible online mathematics course of the Kalrsruhe Institute of Technology

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Bridge course OMB+

Online bridge course OMB+

Optionally without registration or with certificate

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MINT preliminary course of UDE

adapted to our study programs

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Think-Ing screening test

"Check your ING potential"

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(under construction, formerly 'Studiport'): The Open Resources of the Online Campus NRW provide test offers for prospective students and accompanying courses for students.

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