Student self-governance

Student council (AStA)

The General Student Committee (AStA) represents the interests of the student body inside and outside the university. In its work, the AStA is bound by the resolutions of the student parliament and must account to it for its work. The AStA consists of speakers who are responsible for various areas of work.

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Student parliament (StuPa)

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the highest organ of the students of the university. It is elected once a year by the student body by secret ballot. The StuPa elects the AStA, approves the budget and makes decisions on all important matters concerning the students interests.

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Representatives in the faculties

The representation of the interests of the students of a faculty is carried out by the "Fachschaftsrat" (also called "Fachschaftsvertretung"), which consists of a certain number of elected representatives of the students of a faculty, subject group or field of study.

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