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05.06.2023   Daniel D. Odongo Sowing the seeds of global food security with lessons from across Africa

Despite facing challenges such as droughts, conflicts, economic downturns, and health crises over time, Africa has consistently pioneered innovative and resourceful strategies to ensure its own food security and can share invaluable lessons with the rest of the world. From innovative farming techniques to technological advancements and community-driven initiatives, Africa's journey towards self-sufficiency and sustainability might inspire the world.

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15.05.2023   Kouassi Yeboua, Jackie Cilliers Building resilience: African food security and the risk of global trade fragmentation

Africa has about 60% of the world's uncultivated arable land, but by any measure of food security, it is the most insecure region globally. To manage the impact of potential global trade fragmentation on food security, the continent needs to build resilience by boosting domestic agriculture production.

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17.11.2022   Ingrid Vik Bakken They are fed up: The power of Iran’s women on the street

In Iran, grievance and frustration has built up over time with the political regime, the notorious morality police, and the economic situation. But the recent provocation that sparked a wave of still ongoing protests in Iran was the news that a young woman had died in the custody of the morality police. In protest, women now burn their hijabs and cut their hair in protest. Women undoubtedly play the main role in the Iranian uprising, but how unique is this, and what does it mean?

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