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11.01.2024   Daniela Reina From repression to opportunities: Two approaches to violence reduction in Latin America

In a regional environment characterized by repressive approaches to the fight against urban violence, Daniela Reina presents the "Pazos" strategy pursued by the Colombian town of Palmira as an innovative alternative to prevent and reduce violence.

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09.01.2024    Jannie Lilja Fear of the future? The missing peace

Armed conflict causalities are soaring, forced displacement is at an all-time high, geopolitical tensions are rising, and societal polarization is strengthening also across peaceful societies. All happening at the backdrop of the escalating effects of climate change and environmental degradation that form the physical preconditions for our human existence. In the light of these challenges, Jannie Lilja calls for a more proactive approach to peace.

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16.11.2023   Christof Hartmann The limits of regional democracy engineering: ECOWAS and the Niger coup

In July 2023, the military coup in the West African country of Niger made international headlines. In response to the coup, the regional organisation ECOWAS, to which all 15 West African states belong, not only decided to impose economic sanctions but also threatened to intervene militarily if the coup leaders did not immediately restore constitutional order. But why were regional players in Niger unable to effectively defend Niger’s democracy and the country’s constitutional order by peaceful means? Christof Hartmann explores the limits of regional democracy engineering.

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