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03.04.2024   Kariem El-Ali, Alecia Firnanda Accelerating Smart City 4.0: A city diplomacy and sister city cooperation between Jakarta and Berlin

Over the years, there has been a range of definitions for smart city concepts and it has gained attention particularly responding to the emergence of various urgent issues as the world is facing multifaceted urban challenges such as climate change, air and water pollution, poverty, over-population, inadequate infrastructure, poor waste management, land sinking and to mention a few. But becoming a smart city is difficult and requires learning. Global cooperation between cities can provide impetus and drive change, as the example of the sister cities of Jakarta and Berlin shows.

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12.06.2023   Roman Herre Inklusiver Multilateralismus anstatt Multistakeholderismus - Lösung der Ernährungskrise nur mit Betroffenen möglich

Bei den diesjährigen Potsdamer Frühjahrsgesprächen wurde auch über die zentrale Frage der globalen Governance – also globalen Politikgestaltung – für Ernährungssicherheit diskutiert. Die Menschenrechtsorganisation FIAN hat sich dabei für einen rechtsbasierten Ansatz stark gemacht. Aber was bedeutet das konkret? Roman Herre, Agrarreferent bei FIAN, erläutert den Ansatz und dessen Bedeutung.

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05.06.2023   Daniel D. Odongo Sowing the seeds of global food security with lessons from across Africa

Despite facing challenges such as droughts, conflicts, economic downturns, and health crises over time, Africa has consistently pioneered innovative and resourceful strategies to ensure its own food security and can share invaluable lessons with the rest of the world. From innovative farming techniques to technological advancements and community-driven initiatives, Africa's journey towards self-sufficiency and sustainability might inspire the world.

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