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12.06.2023   Roman Herre Inklusiver Multilateralismus anstatt Multistakeholderismus - Lösung der Ernährungskrise nur mit Betroffenen möglich

Bei den diesjährigen Potsdamer Frühjahrsgesprächen wurde auch über die zentrale Frage der globalen Governance – also globalen Politikgestaltung – für Ernährungssicherheit diskutiert. Die Menschenrechtsorganisation FIAN hat sich dabei für einen rechtsbasierten Ansatz stark gemacht. Aber was bedeutet das konkret? Roman Herre, Agrarreferent bei FIAN, erläutert den Ansatz und dessen Bedeutung.

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15.05.2023   Kouassi Yeboua, Jackie Cilliers Building resilience: African food security and the risk of global trade fragmentation

Africa has about 60% of the world's uncultivated arable land, but by any measure of food security, it is the most insecure region globally. To manage the impact of potential global trade fragmentation on food security, the continent needs to build resilience by boosting domestic agriculture production.

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04.10.2022   Leonardo Bandarra, Carmen Wunderlich The nuclear governance multiverse in a nutshell: The 2022 conferences on the prohibition and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons

The multiverse theory is among the most fascinating recent developments in the field of theoretical physics. There may be other universes: some very similar to ours, but also some very different. Those universes may also coexist and even complement each other in ways we still cannot access. While some theoretical physicians hypothesize that different universes may clash, or destroy one another; others contend that they may merge, coexist, or just become something new. Political Scientists made similar speculations on what would happen when two universes of nuclear weapons politics meet one another. This is exactly what seems to have happened now: Two worlds of international nuclear politics are coming to light in two international conferences and now seem to exist side by side.

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