Principal Investigator Frank Neese

Prof. Dr. Frank Neese

Phone: +49 208 306 3656

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Department for Molecular Theory and Spectroscopy

Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

Project Area BB8: Multiscale Methods for Theoretical Spectroscopy of Oxide Surfaces under Electrochemical Conditions

The aim of project B8 is to develop and validate multi-method and multi-scale computational protocols that will be used to interpret the spectroscopic response of the real surface catalysts in greater detail.

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Selected Publications

  1. D. Maganas, A. Trunschke, R. Schlögl and F. Neese, A unified view on heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts through a combination of spectroscopy and quantum chemistry, Faraday Discussions, (2016) , DOI: 10.1039/C5FD00193E.
  2. D. G. Liakos and F. Neese, Is It Possible To Obtain Coupled Cluster Quality Energies at near Density Functional Theory Cost? Domain-Based Local Pair Natural Orbital Coupled Cluster vs Modern Density Functional Theory. J. Chem. Theory Comput.,11, 4054‑4063, (2015).
  3. S. Sharma, K. Sivalingam, F. Neese, G. K. Chan, Low-energy spectrum of iron‑sulfur clusters directly from many-particle quantum mechanics, Nature. Chem., 10, 927-933, (2014).
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  7. Roemelt, M.; Neese, F., Excited states of large lpen-lhell molecules: An efficient, general, and spin-adapted approach based on a Restricted Open-Shell ground state wave function. J Phys Chem A, 117 ,3069-3083 (2013).
  8. Petrenko, T.; Neese, F., Efficient and automatic calculation of optical band shapes and resonance Raman spectra for larger molecules within the independent mode displaced harmonic oscillator model. Journal of Chemical Physics, 137, 234107 (2012).
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