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Zu sehen ist eine Frau vor einem Regal mit Büchern, die teilweise im die UDE repräsentierenden Himmelmotiv eingefärbt sind.
Universität Duisburg-Essen

University Library

The University Library (UB) Duisburg-Essen is an academic library with holdings that are usually freely accessible at its various specialist libraries. The holdings comprise 2.4 million volumes, 1,400 print journals, approx. 268,000 e-books as well as some 64,000 electronic journals (as of 2020).

The UB's media are distributed amongst its various specialist libraries according to content and discipline. You can borrow a medium directly at your local campus library or order it from the other campus using the free campus delivery service CaLD. In addition to the print edition, numerous media are also available as e-versions.

The library also provides 2,300 work stations, 300 of which are equipped with computers. UB staff are available to answer any questions you may have about library and media use.

Library Card

You will receive an integrated Library ID with your University ID or Guest ID, doctoral candidates with their student IDs (more information can be found here).

Before using it the first time, you must have it activated in a specialised library (Fachbibliothek). Note that in order to use the libraries on both campuses, the access rights of your library ID must be activated on both campuses.

You may also obtain a library card for an annual fee of 20 € at the check-out counters of the specialist libraries. Please contact the UB for further information.

Here you can read which documents are required for registration.

More Information

Addresses and Opening Hours

The various specialist university libraries on both campuses are housed in different buildings depending on the disciplines they serve:

Campus Duisburg

Campus Essen

Specialist library Lotharstr. 65 (LK): focus on humanities, social science and economics, mathematics and computer science, geoscience

Specialist library GW/GSW (R09-R11): focus on humanities, social science, arts, linguistics and economics

Specialist library Bismarckstr. 81 (BA): focus on electrical engineering, applied material science (formerly metallurgy)

Specialist library MNT (V15 S01 C19): focus on mathematics, natural science, technology
Specialist library Lotharstr. 1 (MC): focus on natural science, mechanical engineering Specialist library for medicine (university hospital): Hufelandstr. 55

Opening hours and directions can be found on the website. Whilst opening hours may vary by location, specialist libraries are generally open Mon.-Fri. from 8.00 am - 7.00 pm. Some specialist libraries stay open until 10.00 pm and at weekends.

Catalogue and Search

The library's catalogue "Primo"

The catalogue „Primo“ is the central UB catalogue. In this catalogue you can search for books, journals and other media held by the university library Duisburg-Essen. In the UB catalogue "plus Artikel" you will also find (digital) journal articles and essays licensed for use at the UB.


If you are a visiting lecturer, you have the option of making packages of digitised texts, reading lists, links and other materials for your course available online, in a so called "Semesterapparat". If your package also contains hard copies, books (as well as master copies), these materials can also be placed on a reserved shelf at one of the specialist libraries for your students' reference.

University bibliography

The university bibliography documents the publication activities of university members (books, articles, editing activities, electronic publications).


Members of the UDE can make their publications on DuEPublico, the digital repository of the UDE, permanently available worldwide as secondary publications.


UB Duisburg-Essen offers face-to-face trainings as well as online materials for self-instruction in English and German. Its three-module course (“Bibliotheksschein”) on how to conduct academic searches teaches general and subject-specific basic skills: an introduction to using the library, general literature searches and inter-library loans as well as specialised literature searches. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about using the library and your library card as well as how to search the catalogue, use data bases and enhance your research strategies. More information on this course can be found on this page.

The UB also offers training and assistance for working with literature management programmes. Please contact the experts at the library with any questions you may have about your specific discipline and research project. You will find an A to Z with the names and subject areas of staff members on the library website.

You can find an overview of the courses and a schedule here.

"Introduction to using the library" - course contents

  • catalogue search using "Primo"
  • your library account
  • extending and reserving media
  • information about the holdings and labelling system
  • how to borrow media and register
  • guided tour around the library, if desired

This course is offered also offered in English.

Self-instruction modules

  • tutorials on the search portal Primo, the library account as well as numerous specialist data bases
  • Moodle course: introduction into using the library (login with your Uni-ID)

Info: Under the A-Z on the library website you will find all the essential information about the library and its services in German and English.

Read more aboutFace-to-face and online training opportunities

University Library Administration

Campus Duisburg
Lotharstr. 65
47048 Duisburg
☎ +49 203/379-2010

Campus Essen
Universitätsstaße 9 – 11
45117 Essen
☎ +49 201/183-3727