TEM Labor

TEM Philips CM12

  • Precharacterisation of samples for HR-TEM, microscope for teaching, service measurements
  • Acceleration voltage 20-120 kV
  • Thermal LaB6 cathode
  • Oxford EDX system for quantitative element analysis, max. resolution 0.5 % for element analysis (Isis and Inca software)
  • Hamamatsu optical CCD camera with "Item" software
  • Nanoprobe scanning option
  • Secondary electron detector
  • Dark field detector
  • Pressure at sample: 10-6 mbar

Sample holders:

  • Philips single tilt holder
  • Philips double tilt holder
  • Low background sample holder (especially for EDX)
  • Gatan cooling holder (Tmin = 80 K)
  • Nanofactory: combined scanning tunneling microscope and sample holder
  • Nanofactory: combined atomic force microscope and sample holder
  • Gatan Heating sample holder for temperatures up to 1000°C

M. Farle
M. Spasova