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Das Verständnis magnetischer Eigenschaften von nanostrukturierten Materialien ist unsere Herausforderung !

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2024-06-27: Herzlichen Glückwunsch Tim!
Wir gratulieren Tim Salzmann zur erfolgreichen Verteidigung seiner Doktorarbeit! Tim beschäftigte sich in seiner Promotion "Towards ferromagnetic 2D MXenes: Thermal activation of Ti3C2Tx and Fe intercalation in ultrahigh vacuum" mit der Eisen-Diffusion zwischen ultradünne Titancarbid-Blättchen. Tim hat dies unter Ultrahochvakuum-Bedingungen (UHV) bei variablen Temperaturen gründlich untersucht, wobei eine Vielzahl hochmoderner Techniken zur Bestimmung der strukturellen, elektronischen und magnetischen Eigenschaften eingesetzt wurden. Der experimentelle Ansatz erscheint vielversprechend, um ferromagnetische 2D- oder quasi-2D-Materialien mit anpassbarer Wechselwirkung zwischen den durch Diffusion gebildeten ultradünnen magnetischen Schichten zu generieren.
2024-06-12: Tatiana Smoliarova received UDE Postdoc Seed Funding
Dr. Tatiana Smoliarova's first-time proposal on "3D electron diffraction for high-resolution structural analysis of 2D materials" has been granted by the University of Duisburg-Essen Postdoc Seed Funding. Congratulations!
The funding provides the financial resources for one year and aims to support the successful preparation of an independent application for third-party funding.
The project aims to implement 3D electron diffraction for high-resolution structural analysis of transition metal (TM)-based van der Waals (vdW) Fe, Mn, Ni-cation-mixed phosphorous trisulfides (TMPS3) produced by chemical vapor transport (collaboration with NTU Singapore), which recently received particular attention due to tuneable magnetic properties arising from unpaired magnetic moments from the partially filled d-shells of the TM ions. As a result of the project, the correlation between atomically resolved structure and magnetic response, measured by para-/ferromagnetic resonance, will reveal the precise arrangement of TM ions important for understanding TM ions site preferences, their potential clustering or segregation effects, and the overall stability of the compound.
2024-06-07: Open position of a lab engineer
We have an open position (EG 10 TV-L) for a lab Engineer to support the research in our group.
Job Offer (permanent): Lab Engineer, Laboringenieur:in (w/m/d, Nr. 306-24), EG 10 TV-L
Contact: Prof. Michael Farle
2024-05-24: Epitaxial Fe/Rh bilayers for efficient spin-to-charge conversion
We have observed enhanced spin mixing conductance in epitaxial Fe/Rh bilayers and a spin diffusion length of Rh of 9 nm (comparable to Pd), which makes this metallic heterostructure promising for interfacial spin transport. More details on how this new epitaxial system may advance spin-to-charge conversion are available in our paper - Appl. Phys. Lett. 124, 212404 (2024).
2024-05-10: Research visit of Prof. Priolkar
We are happy to announce the visit of Prof. Kaustubh R.S. Priolkar (School of Physical and Applied Sciences, Goa University, India) within the UDE International Guest Lecturer Programme.
He specializes on studying different functional materials using X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) spectroscopy. He is also involved in developing Basic lab course experiments for improving Physics education.
2024-05-01: We welcome new members of our team
We are glad to welcome two new members of AG Farle group! Niels van de Sand will do Energy Science Ms thesis on Broadband Microwave Spectroscopy of Quasi-2D Materials. Illja Bludov will work on Nanoengineering Bs thesis on magnetron sputter deposition of multifunctional thin films for magnetocalorics and fs-laser processing.

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