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Struktur und Magnetismus nanoskaliger Systeme

Willkommen !

Wir begrüßen Sie sehr herzlich auf den Webseiten der Arbeitsgruppe Farle.
Das Verständnis magnetischer Eigenschaften von nanostrukturierten Materialien ist unsere Herausforderung !

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2022-06-20: "MaNaCa": highlighted by video on YOU Tube
Unser EU Project "MaNaCa": Magnetic Nanohybrids for Cancer Therapy is highlighted by an informational video on YOU Tube. https://youtu.be/hcDZRhRTgWg
2022-05-09: Humboldt Research Award 2022 (Prof. H. Srikanth)
From South Florida to Duisburg-Essen, AgFarle
Professor Hari Srikanth is a winner of the Humboldt Research Award 2022. As an internationally acclaimed researcher in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials and especially in nanomagnetism, he pioneered the method of radio frequency transverse susceptibility for precise measurements of magnetization dynamics. His current interests focus on exploring novel interfaces in core-shell nanoparticles and thin film heterostructures with the goal to improve our understanding of exchange coupling, proximity effects and thermal spin transport in these systems. In Germany, Professor Srikanth will continue his experimental studies probing interface magnetism in nanostructures and heterostructures, which is of importance for the development of energy saving information processing and biomedical diagnosis and therapy.
Professor Srikanth is hosted by Professor Michael Farle at the University of Duisburg Essen.
2022-03-28: Welcome to Moritz Sünner and Moritz Vanselow
Moritz Sünner and Moritz Vanselow joined our team to work on their Bachelor Thesis in Energy Science and Physics, respectively. Moritz S. will study the correlation of microstructure and magnetic properties in high entropy alloys prepared by high energy ball milling (Project S01 in the SFB/TRR 270) , and Moritz V. will investigate magnetic resonance phenomena in Heusler compounds (Project A04 in the SFB/TRR 270) with special emphasis on identifying the intrinsic mechanisms to enhance the coercive field.
WELCOME to our team and SUCCESS to your research!
2022-01-31: We welcome our newest member Aydan Akyildiz
Aydan is working in our group as an ERASMUS student from Gebze Technical University, to conduct her Master's thesis on Magnetic Resonance of Nanomagnets by Superresolved Spin-Cavitronics. She studied Physics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University where she received her Bachelor's degree on the topic of "The change of magnetic behavior, permeability and morphological properties of pure polystyrene latex, pure magnetic nanoparticles and polystyrene/magnetic nanoparticle films with annealing temperature."
2021-11-25: Welcome to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asli Cakir
We welcome Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asli Cakir from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Turkey, who is supported by a fellowship granted by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and will be with us until November 2022. Dr Cakir will carry out work on the investigation of interfacial pinning phenomena in artificial shell-ferromagnets by preparing multilayer Heusler films and studying their high-coercivity properties. During a previous visit to our laboratories in 2013, she had carried out research related to the construction of structural and magnetic phase diagrams of functional Heusler materials, which also made up the main theme of her PhD studies. Since then, we have been collaborating through mutual visits on the properties of magneto-structural transitions in Heusler alloys.
We wish her a fruitful and enjoyable stay in Duisburg..
2021-11-03: We WELCOME Sakia and Jonas in our team!
B.Sc. Sakia Noorzayee und B.Sc. Jonas Wiemeler started their Master Theses (Physics) on Sept 1st, 2021 in our group.
Jonas will work with Anna Semisalova to produce ultraclean Fe/Rh films in UHV to better understand and describe the
"Spin dynamics of ultrathin Fe/Rh multilayers".
And Sakia works with Nicolas Josten to improve "The magnetic hysteresis of transition metal alloys through magnetic annealing exemplified by NiMn and CoTiGe".
We wish them a good time and excellent results!

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