Arbeitsgruppen - Seminar

Vortrge im AG Seminar "Magnetische Nanostrukturen"

Termin: Mittwochs, 10:00 s.t.-11:30 Uhr, via ZOOM Meeting
Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. M. Farle, Dr. M. Spasova
AG Seminar WS2021/22 ( aktuelles Datum: 19.10.2021 )
14.04.2021 Michael Farle Gruppenbesprechung
21.04.2021 Michael Vennemann Sicherheitsbelehrung Corona & Labor
21.04.2021 Detlef Spoddig Sicherheitsbelehrung Brandschutz
21.04.2021 Philipp Kükenbrink Sicherheitsbelehrung Kalte Gase
28.04.2021 Dr. Ivan Tarasov
Kirensky Institute of Physics, Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, Krasnoyarsk
Prediction and analysis of possible epitaxial relationships of Mn2GaC MAX-phase thin films
A pure crystallo-geometrical approach is proposed to predict orientation relationships, habit planes, and atomic structures of interfaces, including atomically smooth and stepwise ones, between MAX-phases and various substrates including buffer layers. Preliminary results are given for the case of Mn2GaC phase on Al2O3 monocrystalline substrates. Additionally, the epitaxial system Li metal layers on ferromagnetic phases such as Fe, Co, Ni will be discussed.
05.05.2021 Georg Bendt Shape-controlled synthesis of cobalt-based nanoparticles
12.05.2021 Nicolas Josten Shell ferromagnetism in NiMnX: Current status and challenges
19.05.2021 Özge Özgun Investigation of Structural and Magnetic Properties of High Entropy Alloys by Introducing Interstitial and Substitutional Elements
26.05.2021 Bekir Aktas FMR in multilayered magnetic-nonmagnetic thin films
02.06.2021 Jonas Wiemeler UHV-FMR and future plans on Fe-Rh Multilayers
09.06.2021 Ali Can Aktas Conduction Electron Spin Resonance (CESR) and future plans on Li / ferromagnetic Multilayers
16.06.2021 Kübra Yildiz Aktas Literature review of EBID of ferromagnetic nanostructures, current status of project B09-CRC 270
23.06.2021 Chunguang Li Detection of Spin Currents at an Fe surface with a paramagnetic molecular sensor
30.06.2021 Tim Salzmann Preparation of MAX phase thin films (literature overview)
07.07.2021 Mena-Alexander Kränbring Preparation and characterisation of supported magnetic nanodisks in a metallic matrix
14.07.2021 Nikolaos Tetos Effect of pyrolysis parameters on properties of Fe – C nanocomposites
21.07.2021 Tanja Strusch Spin diffusion and spin pumping efficiency in FeAl nanostructures in comparison to other materials