Postdocs | Postdoc Appreciation Week

Without postdocs, our universities and research institutions would not be what they are...

Inspired by Postdoc Appreciation Week in the US and UK, researchers and research institutions across Germany are joining forces to participate in a special programme, events and social media campaigns to honour the incredible work of postdocs!

The RAR and the GC Plus are also participating with some offers, which you can find below. It's worth being there!

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18.09.23: 10:00-12:30 h (digital) Postdoc Impulse: Achieving visibility in research - a gendered perspective

Achieving visibility in research is paramount for career success. However, recent studies show that visibility is still deeply gendered.  In this discussion round we have a closer look at these issues from the gender research perspective and also integrate personal experiences. Participants are invited to share their own experiences, challenges and to discuss institutional support measures they would need.

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19.09.23: 10:00-12:00 h (Präsenz, Building WST) Postdoc Impulse: Good Research Practice for Postdocs - New roles, new responsibilities

The workshop focuses on the supervision perspective in the postdoc phase. Participants will exchange ideas on how they can fulfill their responsibility for teaching the basics of good scientific work in their own research environment, what experiences they have had, and what resources and support they need to do so. Typical feedback and common uncertainties of doctoral researchers regarding data management and publication practices will be integrated and discussed.

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19.09.23: 14:30-16:00 h (In-person, Brücke) Meet the Vice-Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers

The Vice Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers invites all postdocs of the UDE to an informal exchange at the BRÜCKE. Exchange ideas with your colleagues over drinks and snacks and share impressions, challenges and achievements that affect you in your career phase.

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20.09.23: 10:00-12:00 h (digital) Postdoc Impulse: Competence profiles and career development

Following a competency-based approach, the participants are enabled to gain clarity about their own motives, strengths and potentials. On this basis, they can consistantly act in a goal-oriented manner and take congruent decisions regarding possible areas of personal growth. The participants are invited to develop a distinctive profile and learn strategies to communicate it in an effective way to potential employers or stakeholders.

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More Events

In total, PAW Germany 2023 offers more than 120 events for postdocs. On the PAW website you will find more information and links to register for these events. Our partners at the RUB Research School in Bochum and the Graduate Centre Dortmund also offer various events for PAW 23. To find them, simply select "RAR" as "Organizer" in the search mask on the "Program" page. Many institutions throughout Germany also offer interesting digital events that are open and can also be attended by our postdocs. It's worth looking around.

To the PAW 23 Website

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Social Media Campaign

Postdoc Appreciation Week is also about visibility and making postdocs visible. Therefore, the events are also accompanied by a social media campaign on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn. Many things are possible here: PIs or science managers can express their thanks to their postdocs or report something great, postdocs can share their experiences or challenges. To gain visibility, it is important to use a suitable hashtag, e.g. #PAWde, #PostdocAppreciationWeek, #Postdocs. Be part of it!