Our partners and networks

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Expertise and quality through regular exchange

GC Plus is well connected both within the UDE and beyond: We are part of the Research Academy Ruhr, the cross-university platform for promoting early career researchers within the University Alliance Ruhr. In addition, we are involved in national and international early-career support networks.

This page gives you an overview of our partners and our involvement in different networks.

Logo der Research Academy Ruhr

Research Academy Ruhr

Our cross-university platform for promoting early career researchers within the UA Ruhr offers you training opportunities and events to prepare you for a career in research and beyond. In cooperation with our colleagues from Bochum and Dortmund, we are constantly enhancing our joint offers and adapting them to your needs. On the Research Academy Ruhr’s homepage, you will find a diverse and interdisciplinary qualification programme for doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and the Junior Faculty.

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The German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training (UniWiND/GUAT) is the only national organisation in Germany that is dedicated solely to the advancement of (post-) doctoral education and training. The network fosters cross-university exchange of good practices on issues of common concern related to opportunities, challenges, and reforms of graduate education. We are actively involved in this association and exchange experiences with colleagues from all over Germany to further develop our services.

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AURORA European Universities Alliance

The UDE is a founding member of the European university network AURORA, from which the AURORA European Universities Alliance emerged in 2020. The alliance is comprised of nine members from all over Europe who want to jointly initiate social change and promote sustainable developments by linking together research and teaching. The collaboration is organised into different work packages. The GC Plus is involved in work package 4.2, which focuses on academic collaboration. In this group, we aim to strengthen doctoral researchers' international networking and mobility.

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