Good research practice

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Ensuring quality standards in research

Knowing the rules of good research practice and taking them into account is of great importance during all stages of the academic career. To train and sensitize researchers as early as possible, we regularly offer introductory workshops on the topic of good research practice (GRP) in our training offers for doctoral candidates.

The workshops enhance an understanding of basic norms and regulations of conducting research responsibly at all stages. They introduce local, national, and international regulations and guidelines to help researchers understand common practices.

Our offers

Introductory workshop "Good research practice"

Interdisciplinary GRP workshops are an integral part of our interdisciplinary qualification programme for doctoral candidates. You can find upcoming dates in our event calendar and the programme announcements on the respective event pages.

Publication Days

The Publication Days series provides practical information and tips on publishing research results safely and professionally. In lectures and short workshops, experts from the University Library explain topics such as open science, publishing strategies, and copyright. The events take place every summer semester. To the Publication Days

Your contact person

Valentina Vasilov is a certified GRP trainer.
Fon +49 201-183-3176