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Questions you may have on the way to a professorship

Are you facing a challenge in your career planning, or do you, for example, have questions, about balancing research and family? In this case, we support you with interdisciplinary counselling and coaching. We offer individual advice on-site, by telephone, or via Zoom in German or English according to your needs.

Counselling and coaching – what’s the difference?

Our counselling services provide you with the information you need for your career planning and decision-making, for example: Which steps are important on the way to a professorship? What other career options are there? How can I increase my visibility within the academic community?

In addition, our coaching opens up a complementary space for self-reflection. Professional guidance will help you look at personal challenges and questions, such as: Do I want to stay in academia? How can I deal with pressure and multiple expectations? How can I resolve conflicts?

Our counselling offers

Individual advice

What requirements do I have to meet to become a professor? What alternative career options are there? What do I need to focus on now? How can I sharpen my academic profile?

These are some typical questions during or after the postdoc phase that may also be on your mind. This is why we offer personal advice on all career-related issues, from deciding for or against an academic career to applying for a (junior) professorship.

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Simon Kresmann
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Career counselling for female early career researchers

The proportion of women decreases at each career stage, both in academia and business. Therefore, our career counselling for women specifically addresses female Master's students, doctoral candidates, and postdoctoral researchers – regardless of whether you are striving for a career in research, science management, or the private sector.

During an individual appointment, we will explore your goals and options and help you develop your strengths accordingly.

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Stephanie Sera
Fon +49 201-183-3054

Our coaching offers

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Coaching is a goal-oriented way to strengthen your problem-solving skills. You will gain clarity about your concerns and develop coherent solutions in an appreciative and dialog-oriented process. As coaches, Stephanie Sera and Valentina Vasilov will accompany you on your journey in a professional and confidential manner.

Both coaches have additional training as „Mental Health First Aider“ from the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim. This enables them to identify and address mental health problems more quickly and to strengthen self-care. If necessary, they can provide competent information about relevant counselling and treatment centres.

Short profile of Stephanie Sera

Stephanie Sera is a person-centered integrative coach (DACB) and offers coaching on the following topics:

  • Decision-making along the academic career path
  • Being and staying authentic despite uncertainties in career planning
  • Personal resilience in the face of systemic hurdles and experiences of discrimination
  • Clarifying roles

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Short profile of Valentina Vasilov

Valentina Vasilov is a person-centered integrative coach (DACB, GwG, RTC). She offers coaching on the following topics:

  • Competence profiles and career development
  • Personal development, self-reflection of own values, and motivation
  • Decision making in ambivalent situations
  • Conflict resolution; shaping complex relationships
  • Dealing adequately with role plurality and new roles
  • Coping with stress, change, or crisis
  • Developing time-, goal- and self-management skills

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Coaching Hour

During the coaching hour, you can familiarize yourself with our coaching offer or reflect on your concerns in a short session guided through one of our coaches. The coaching hour can develop into a longer coaching process if required.

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Your contact: Valentina Vasilov

Further counselling offers at the UDE

Human Resources Development: External coaching and team building for junior professors

The Human Resources Development Department offers a comprehensive range of advanced training courses and space for selfreflection, giving junior professors at the UDE an opportunity to strengthen their role and personal skills. You can also get external coaching, and benefit from offers for team-building processes in your research group.

Offers at a glance (only in German)

Science Support Centre (SSC)

All about research funding and transfer: SSC supports you in strategic planning, implementation of research activities and acquisition of third-party funding. You will receive tailored advice on national and international funding programmes, as well as on issues relating to spin-offs, inventions, and patents.

Science Support Centre

Equality of opportunity and the family

UDE’s Equal Opportunity Office provides information on measures and offers for a gender-equal and family-friendly university and addresses FAQ on its website for those who are interested to learn more.