Governancestruktur des GC Plus
© Graduate Center Plus

Decision-making structures in the GC Plus

The Graduate Center Plus is the central graduate centre at the University of Duisburg-Essen. It is part of the Science Support Centre and reports to the Vice-Rector for Research and Early-Career Researchers.

GC Plus Directorate

Strategic management and further development of the GC Plus and its services is the GC Plus Directorate’s main task. The Directorate meets at least once per semester and is composed of the following members entitled to vote:

  • Vice-Rector for Research and Early-Career Researchers
  • The Research Board member responsible for supporting early career researchers
  • A deans’ representative  
  • A structured doctoral programmes’ representative
  • A representative from each of the GC Plus’ three target groups (i.e.: doctoral researchers, postdocs, and junior faculty).

The Rectorate appoints the members upon the Vice-Rector for Research and Early-Career Researchers’s proposal for a term of two years. The three target group representatives are nominated by the senate’s mid-level representatives.

Current Members of the Directorate