Current Position

PhD fellow and research associate at MEDAS 21 - Global Media Assistance: Applied Research, Improved Practice in the 21 Century at the Institute of Communication Science (Duisburg-Essen University) and Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism (Technical University of Dortmund), Germany.

PhD project (provisional title): “Peace Journalism in the Central African Republic: From Concept to Context.” A comparative study of radio stations and their role in promoting peace. Research interests: journalism, human rights, conflict studies, media development, (post)conflict societies.


Erasmus Mundus Master Journalism Program for Media and Globalization with the Specialism of War and Conflict, Aarhus University (Denmark), Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) and Swansea University (United Kingdom).

BA Journalism, School of Social Communication at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil.

BA History, State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil.

Grants and Awards

Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize at the 2018 UNCA (United Nations Correspondents Association) Awards, 2018.

Award Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies AMAN 2017.

Grantee of the inaugural Reporting Right Livelihood Award Foundation Fellowship 2017.

Fellow at the Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship, collaborative journalism project with the Waterloo Global Science Initiative, 2016.

Fellow Dag Hammarskjöld United Nations Fund for Journalists, 2015.

Internships and extra-curricular activities

Media in Conflicts Seminar (MICS), Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), Lauder School of Government Diplomacy and Strategy, Israel, 2016.

Internship Department of Press & Communication, OAS – Organization of American States in Washington DC, USA. 2015.

Contributing writer, book: “Until the Rulers Obey: Voices from Latin American Social Movements” by Marcy Rein and Clifton Ross (2014, PM Press). 

Journalism and Global Editorial Management, Valparaiso, Chile. South American Correspondent Union (UNAC) & Catholic University in Valparaíso (PUCV), 2012.

Transparency and Investigation: Journalism with Public Information, ABRAJI (Investigative Journalism Brazilian Association) & Bureau of the International Program for the Development of Communication-UNESCO, 2012.

Journalists in Armed Conflict Areas, Brazilian Peacekeeping Operations Joint Center (CCOPAB), Brazilian Army & UN Information Center in Rio de Janeiro (UNICRIO), 2010.

Course AFRICA & AFRICANITIES, State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil, 2009.

Workshop ‘The UN and International Contemporary Questions’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 60th Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Anniversary, 2008.

Internship UN Information Center in Rio de Janeiro (UNIC-Rio), Brazil, 2008.

Internship Public National Radio, Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), Brazil, 2006-2007.

Language skills

Portuguese (native); English (fluent); Spanish (fluent); French (basic).


Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Fabíola Ortiz dos Santos, M.A.

Fabiola Ortiz Dos Santos