Family Services

Your First Point of ContactFamily Service for Employees of the University

With its family service, the University of Duisburg-Essen contributes to making it easier for its employees to combine an academic career or professional activity with family life. The main focus of the family service office is to provide professional advice on the topic of family and career, to find caregivers, and to develop and implement its own care projects.



With our DU-E-KIDS, the UDE offers its employees a childcare service for children aged 0-3 years and thus provides support for returning to work.


Day Care cCnters for Students with Children

In the facilities, children from students aged four months to school age are cared for by pedagogical specialists.



Under the motto "Helping people to help themselves - supervised play on their own", for more than a decade student parents have taken charge of looking after their children themselves, in the premises set up for this purpose.


Vacation Offer for Children and Teenagers

The University of Duisburg-Essen offers a varied vacation program throughout the Easter, summer and fall vacations.

Vacation OfferS


Our flex-care offer provides further support in reconciling family and career & studies. Flex-care is aimed at all members (employees and students) of the UDE and enables a need-based and hourly care for children outside of the regular care in daycare centers or childcare. Parents can choose between the babysitting service and the back-up care.


Good Start: Dual Career Service

When professors are appointed, the career opportunities for their partner are often a decisive factor.
With the Dual Career Service, we offer a contact point that provides information for dual-career couples and offers support and assistance in the search for an adequate position or follow-up opportunities for the chosen career path for the partner of the professor to be appointed.

Dual Career Service

Equality & Advancement of Women UDE Gender Portal

The University's Gender Portal provides you with information on the topics of gender mainstreaming, equality, and the advancement of women and how these are anchored at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Gender Portal

Audit Family Friendly University

For the equality of women and men, the UDE has set itself the goal of improving family-friendliness and, to this end, of taking appropriate measures to benefit employees and students.

Family Friendly University

Study with Child Counselling from the Student Union

Student parents have many complex questions about the compatibility and financing of studies and family. The social counseling center provides professional, quick and uncomplicated advice.

Counselling Studierendenwerk

Family Service Office Services

  • Care arrangement during training events, meetings and conferences
  • Flex care
  • Babysitter placement
  • Assistance & Information