DFG – Collaborative research centers

DFG – Collaborative research centers

Collaborative research areas funded by the German Research Foundation are higher education institutions that are established for up to twelve years, in which scientists work together beyond the boundaries of their respective subjects and faculties within the framework of an overarching and scientifically outstanding research programme. In addition to the traditional, site-specific collaborative research centres, there are also the CRC/Transregio (CRC TRR) programmes, which facilitate close, nationwide cooperation between generally two or three locations.

CRCs as the voice of the UDE and Transregios


Title | Spokesperson I Faculty

Approved duration

CRC TRR 196 Mobile Material Characterization and Localization by Electromagnetic Sensing“ (MARIE)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kaiser – Faculty of Engineering, UDE
Co-Spokesperson: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ilona Rolfes – Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, RUB
CRC 1242 Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Condensed Matter in the Time Domain
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Uwe Bovensiepen – Faculty of Physics
Co-Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Ralf Schützhold – Faculty of Physics
CRC 1093/1

Supramolekulare Chemie an Proteinen
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schrader – Faculty of Chemistry
Co-Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Carsten Schmuck – Faculty of Chemistry


CRC TRR 60/2

Mutual interaction of chronic viruses with cells of the immune system: from fundamental research to immunotherapy and vaccination
Spokesperson:  Prof. Dr. med. Ulf Dittmer – Faculty of Medicine
Co-Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Dongliang Yang, Wuhan, China
Cooperationc: Bochum, Shanghai, Wuhan


CRC TRR 45/3 Periods, moduli spaces and arithmetic of algebraic varieties
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Stach – Faculty of Mathematics, Mainz
Co-Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Daniel Huybrechts – Faculty of Mathematics, Bonn
Cooperationc: Bonn, Duisburg-Essen, Mainz

Participation in current CRC by the UDE


Title | Spokesperson I City

CRC 1119

Cryptography-Based Security Solutions: Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments (since 2014)
Spokesperson: Professor Dr. Johannes Buchmann, TU Darmstadt

CRC TRR 154 Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization using the Example of Gas Networks ((since 10/2014) Erlangen, Berlin, Darmstadt
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin, Erlangen
CRC 1116 Master switches bei kardialer Ischämie (since 2015)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Jens. W. Fischer, HHU Düsseldorf
CRC 876

Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis (since 2011)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Katharina Morik, Dortmund

CRC 824 Imaging for Selection, Monitoring and Individualization of Cancer Therapies ( since 2009)

Spokesperson:Prof. Dr. med. Markus Schwaiger, TU München

CRC 823

Statistical modelling of nonlinear dynamic processes (since 2009)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Walter Krämer, Dortmund

CRC 656 Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging (seit 2005)
Sprecher: Prof. Dr. Michael Schäfers, Münster

CRCs being discontinued/receiving completion funding

CRC TRR 12/3 Physics of mescoscopic condensed matter or cold atomic systems
(bis 2015)
Spokesperson:  Prof. Dr. Alexander Altland – Faculty of Physics, Köln
Co-Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Martin Zirnbauer – Faculty of Physics, Köln
Cooperations: Bochum, Duisburg-Essen, Köln, München 
CRC 616

Energy dissipation at surfaces (bis 2013)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Michael Horn-von Hoegen – Faculty of Physics

CRC 491

Magnetische Heteroschichten: Spinstruktur und Spintransport
(bis 2011)
Spokesperson: Prof. Michael Farle – Faculty of Physics

CRC 445

Nano-Partikel aus der Gasphase: Entstehung, Struktur, Eigenschaften (bis 2010)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Axel Lorke – Faculty of Physics