Coronavirus: UDE testing strategy

Test recommendation

[from 1.7.2022]

UDE recommends regular testing for individuals who carry out activities on campus.

Provision of self-test kits (for laypersons)

UDE provides staff members with coronavirus self-test kits (for laypersons) free of charge so that they can check their health status.

Coronavirus self-test kits are issued via the individual organisational units (dean’s offices, divisions, etc.). They can be ordered and issued successively.


  1. When conducting a test, it is important to note that these tests are always only a momentary snapshot. Their use cannot fully guarantee a coronavirus-free environment. Individuals who have been vaccinated or have recovered from coronavirus can also carry the virus without realising.
    The internal action plan applies irrespective of tests and is to continue to be implemented and adhered to unreservedly (i.e. keeping distance, maintaining good hygiene, wearing masks, using the Corona-Warn app, ventilating rooms). Tests can, however, help to identify infectious individuals who do not have any symptoms and therefore avoid any potential spread of infection.
  2. Obligation to pay for the use of test centres from 30 June 2022
    Due to a change in the law, the offer of tests without any specific grounds that are fundamentally free of charge in public test centres has currently been suspended; the health care and elderly care sectors are exempted.
    The following people, amongst others, continue to have a right to free tests if they have the appropriate proof:
    • those who cannot be vaccinated against coronavirus on medical grounds, for example during the first trimester of pregnancy
    • those who have proof of a current coronavirus infection and require a test to end isolation
    • those who live in the same household as a person who currently has coronavirus
    The following people have the possibility to get tested by paying a small personal contribution of €3:
    • those who have a red warning on the Corona-Warn app
    • those who are attending an indoor event on the same day
    • those who are visiting a person who is older than 60 or who is at risk of having a severe course of infection with Covid-19

In order to receive a free or reduced-price test, you must provide the corresponding proof. In some cases, test centres have forms available for this (self-declaration forms).
All other tests without the above grounds must now be paid for. The price depends on the fees of the respective test centre operator.

Both of the test centres on UDE’s campuses will still continue to operate until further notice.

What is the right thing to do if you get a positive test result?

A positive rapid or self-test result must be checked immediately by another rapid test at a test centre or a PCR test. Consult your family doctor or the local public health department. Positive corona rapid tests (performed by trained staff) must be reported to the public health department by the body performing the test. Employees must also inform the Human Resources Department (, students must inform the Student Secretariat (

Until the result of the second test is available, students are not allowed to enter the UDE facilities and grounds. If Covid 19 contagiousness is confirmed by the PCR test (PCR test positive), a domestic quarantine must be observed according to the Corona Test and Quarantine Ordinance NRW.