Offers for good research practice for students

What does good research practice mean?

Academic integrity means safeguarding the assurance of scientific quality standards, in particular the truthfulness and precision in research by following legal and ethical duties and requirements. The German Research Foundation (DFG) describes the standards for assuring good research practice in 19 guidelines, complemented by practice-oriented explanations. Knowing and following these standards is highly relevant for students as well, as they need to implement these standards in their scientific work.

Regulations in the departments

Please make sure you study the examination regulations of your department and their requirements, when you register for your bachelor’s thesis at the latest. The respective contact persons in your department and/ or faculty can provide further information on standards of scientific work in your discipline and assist you with questions regarding registration, preparation and assessment of your qualification thesis.


Scientific work thrives on professional discourse and the examination of the current state of research. thoughts and ideas that are not one’s own must be identified as such in order to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Correct citation and careful use of sources should make it clear where you are making our own arguments and when you are referencing other authors.


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Counselling and contact persons

UDE ombudspersons

Please contact the UDE ombudspersons for a confidential consultation if you have any questions, in the event of conflict or in case of allegations of research misconduct:

You can reach the secretariat for good research practice using the following e-mail address:

Discrimination and other strains

In cases of discrimination, other strains or in the event of a conflict, please contact the relevant counselling services: