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The PAX app on a smartphone screen
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Smart version of PAX

Test the Anti-Stress App

  • von Ulrike Bohnsack
  • 30.03.2021

Reduce stress with your smartphone: The PAX app aims to contribute to this. The application developed by the "Interactive Systems" working group is now available in a completely new version with smart and personalization functions. The team is looking for interested people to try out the app for a fortnight.

PAX now no longer just tracks if and when someone is on stress. The app makes individual suggestions on how to better cope with pressure and become more resilient. "We have developed an advanced health recommender system”, says computer scientist Helma Torkamaan. " This allows the app to take into account the individual's stress, mood, usage patterns and preferences, and to personalise recommendations

PAX Stress Resilience is configured for Android smartphones and can be downloaded free of charge as an English or German version:

English -
German -

Further information:
Helma Torkamaan, Interactive Systems, Tel. 0203/37-92276,