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3G evidence compulsory

Changed requirements for events and examinations

  • von Arne Rensing
  • 26.08.2021

A new Corona Protection Ordinance came into force in North Rhine-Westphalia on 20 August. The ordinance does not specify any special requirements for universities. The previous general decree no longer applies.

In principle, the new rules are intended to ensure that all facilities and services are open to vaccinated and fully recovered persons. From a 7-day incidence of 35 - which is the case in both Duisburg and Essen - all others are obliged to present a negative antigen rapid or PCR test for indoor events, which must not be older than 48 hours. Facilities must check the immune or test status without exception.

With the consistent application of the so-called 3G rules, the requirements for events and examinations at UDE are changing.

The university is currently adapting its hygiene and security concepts. Until then, strict guidelines apply - for students and faculties alike.

Students who do not present a valid vaccination certificate, proof of recovery or negative test will not be allowed to enter the university's buildings for courses or examinations.

According to the current assessment, it is also an unexcused absence if students appear for examinations without fulfilling the 3G requirements. As a consequence, the current free attempt rule cannot be applied in such cases.

The faculties or the respective invigilators are obliged to monitor the access requirements for each person before entering teaching or examination rooms.

In the case of examinations in rooms that are approved for more than 80 examination candidates, the UDE security service supports the prescribed checks. This applies to LX 1205, LA 0034, BA 026, SG 135 and ST 025 at the Duisburg campus, and in certain cases to the trotting track in Dinslaken as well as the glass pavilion, A-009 (Altendorfer Straße 5-9), R11 T08 C98, R14 R00 A04, SH 601, S04 T01 A01 and S05 T00 B08 at the Essen campus. (For further information, please contact Nicole Stelter and Patrick Menn from the Building Management Department).

As the fixed examination dates and times do not change, you should allow sufficient time to arrive.