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Mandatory masking, notification and adapted rules

Protecting yourself and others

  • von Arne Rensing
  • 21.09.2020

Stay cautious, protect yourself and others: This is the basic tenor of the operational measures concept, which defines the framework conditions for working at the UDE in times of Corona. Although the university will not return to normal operations in the autumn, its presence in teaching and research, in administration and the central facilities will gradually be increased. The Rectorate has therefore adjusted the guidelines on protective measures and workplace design.

The most important new rule is that all traffic areas of the university, i.e. in corridors, foyers, staircases, lifts, entrance areas or toilets, are subject to compulsory masking without exception. A mouth-and-nose mask is also mandatory wherever distance rules cannot be expected to be observed.

The concept of measures also tightens up the handling of (potential) emergencies: employees are not only required but now also obliged under labour law to report a Covid19 infection or even the suspicion of an infection to their superiors and the personnel department.

Once again, it is emphasised that the supplementary risk assessments of the individual organisational units should also take into account the psychological strain on employees caused by the corona crisis. The specialists at the "Fachkräfte für Arbeitspsychologie" will provide support if questions arise in this connection.

The implementation of the concept of measures and the performance of risk assessments accompany the work on site and will be adjusted if the situation changes at short notice. Employees have to be informed ("instructed") about necessary precautions. What this means in concrete terms is explained in more detail in the specifications now adopted.

The handling of business trips has also been adapted to the current situation: They are still possible if there is no travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office for the destination. However, their compelling necessity must be explained and documented. Business trips to risk areas are generally prohibited.

The "Operational measures concept - protective measures and workplace design for working during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic" in its currently valid form is available for download at:

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