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Presence remains an absolute exception

Exams at UDE

  • von Arne Rensing
  • 28.01.2021

Wherever possible, face-to-face examinations at the University of Duisburg-Essen should be replaced by distant examination formats. Examinations in presence remain an exception and must be well justified, as must examination postponements.

It is essential for students to be able to take the examinations necessary for the continuation or completion of their studies, even under the difficult conditions of the current semester. The UDE has therefore prepared for various scenarios in order to be able to conduct examinations both on site and at a distance under strict security conditions, depending on the situation. According to the current infection situation and the applicable resolutions of the federal and state governments, the universities are required not to conduct examinations in person until at least mid-February.

Against this background, the university management recommends - where this has not yet been done - to plan distant examination formats and at the same time to postpone examination dates only in exceptional cases. In the efforts required for this and in the consideration of examination dates, the guiding question should be how students can be guaranteed a regulated and plannable course of their studies.

The implementation of attendance examinations and the rescheduling of examination dates must be justified to the Prorector for Studies and Teaching for documentation purposes. Contact:

(Specific conditions apply to state examination programmes: Please note the information on the corresponding website of the Faculty of Medicine.