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Hybrid and as little presence as possible

Summer semester at UDE

  • von Arne Rensing
  • 31.03.2021

In April, the UDE will once again start a hybrid semester with largely distant formats. As before, the rule is: as little presence as possible - and only as much presence on site as absolutely necessary, for example for certain exams, laboratory practicals, committee meetings or work that cannot be dispensed with.

Creating a successful summer semester will once again demand a lot from all university members. The UDE strives to offer first-year students a good and secure start and to guarantee the success of their studies for the higher semesters. Researchers should be able to continue their projects and employees should have a functional working environment.

The operation of facilities, libraries, refectories, counselling services or even childcare is governed by the applicable protection ordinances and the obligations and instructions for action that result from them for the university.

The university board agrees that in view of the current infection situation and the legal situation, no relaxation or opening perspective can be seen in the short term. Online teaching for students and home office for employees remain the rule.

Accompanying this assessment, the UDE is currently developing its testing strategy. It is exploring possibilities in contact with public agencies and private providers alike and is preparing an effective procedure appropriate to the dynamic pandemic situation to ensure the absolutely necessary presence on site.