Offers for good research practice for doctoral researchers

What does good research practice mean?

Every researcher is responsible for working according to the principles of good research practice. This includes, in particular, " working lege artis, maintaining strict honesty in attributing one’s own contributions and those of others, rigorously questioning all findings, and permitting and promoting critical discourse within the research community. " (DFG Code of Conduct 2019)

Supervision Agreement

Our university is committed to a partnership with its doctoral candidates in which all parties agree to conduct research responsibly to assure successful scholarly work that follows the principles of good research practice.

Therefore, the doctoral regulations of the faculties stipulate that each doctoral candidate concludes and signs a supervision agreement with his/her supervisor.

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Ombudspersons at UDE

Please contact the UDE ombudspersons for a confidential consultation if you have any questions, in the event of conflict or in case of allegations of research misconduct:

You can reach the secretariat for good research practice using the following e-mail address:

Further counselling offers

The Graduate Center Plus is the main contact for all doctoral researchers at UDE. If you have any questions concerning the doctoral process or if you face challenges during the doctorate, please contact the Graduate Center Plus team for individual and confidential counselling.

Graduate Center Plus

The Human Resources Development Department offers training opportunities and coaching for prospective team leaders.

HR Development

Discrimination and other strains

In cases of discrimination, other strains or in the event of a conflict, please contact the relevant counselling services:

Please find here information about...

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Introductory workshop Good Research Practice

The Graduate Center Plus regularly offers introductory workshops on the subject of good research practice (GRP). Open GRP workshops for all disciplines at our university are integrated into the regular interdisciplinary qualification program. The workshops enhance an understanding of basic norms and regulations of conducting research responsibly at all stages. They introduce local, national, and international regulations and guidelines to help researchers understand common practices.

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Publication Days

The Publication Days series provides practical information and tips on publishing research results safely and professionally. In lectures and short workshops, experts from the University Library explain topics such as open science, publishing strategies, and copyright.

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University Library training courses

The University Library regularly offers training courses on the following topics:

  • Finding literature
  • Reference management
  • Collecting and analysing data (Data Campus)
  • Research Data Management
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Additional training offers

The Graduate Center Plus regularly offers training courses on topics related to good research practice. These include, for example, courses on scientific writing and argumentation, communication and conflict management.

Graduate Center Plus event calender

The Human Resources Development Department offers team leaders trainings on data protection, leadership and project management.

HR continuing training programme