DFG – Postgraduate programmes and Graduate Schools

DFG – Postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes are institutions of higher education for supporting the next generation of scientists.  The focus here is on the qualification of doctoral students within the framework of a thematically focused and largely interdisciplinary research programme, as well as a structured qualification concept. The maximum duration of the German Research Foundation’s postgraduate programmes is nine years (comprising two funding periods of four-and-a-half years each).

International postgraduate programmes represent a special type of programme, which offer joint doctoral training between a group at a German university and a partner group abroad

DFG postgraduate programmes at the UDE


Title | Spokesperson I Faculty

Approved duration 

GRK 2167 User-Centred Social Media
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Norbert Fuhr, Faculty of Engineering
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Nicole Krämer, Faculty of Engineering
GRK 2098 Biomedicine of the acid sphingomyelin/acid ceramide system
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Erich Gulbins, Faculty of Medicine
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wiebke Hansen, Faculty of Medicine
GRK 1949/1

Immune Response in Infectious Diseases – Regulation between Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Astrid Westendorf, Faculty of Medicine, Essen
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jörg Timm, HHU Düsseldorf und Prof. Dr. Mirko Trilling, Faculty of Medicine, Essen
Cooperations: mit Bochum, Düsseldorf


GRK 1919/1

Precaution, foresight, prediction: Contingency management through future action
Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Stefan Brakensiek, Faculty of Humanities
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Scheller, Faculty of Humanities


GRK 1739/1

Molecular determinants of the cellular radiation response and their potential for response modulation
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Verena Jendrossek, Faculty of Medicine
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. George Iliakis, Faculty of Medicine


GRK 1613/2

Risk and East Asia
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Flemming Christiansen, Faculty of Social Sciences
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Markus Taube, Faculty of Business Administration – Mercator School of Management
Prof. Karen Shire PhD., Faculty of Social Sciences


UDE involvement in DFG postgraduate programmes

Acronym Title | Spokesperson I Faculty Approved
GRK 2131/1

High-dimensional phenomena in probability - Fluctuations and discontinuity
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Peter Eichelsbacher, RUB, Mathematik
Cooperation UDE: Prof. Dr. Anita Winter, Prof. Martin Hutzenthaler

ab 2015

DFG postgraduate programmes being discontinued / receiving completion fundingiving completion funding


Title | Spokesperson I Faculty

GRK 1431/2 Transcription, Chromatin Structure and DNA Repair in Development and Differentiation (bis 2015)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Hemmo Meyer, Faculty of Biology
Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ralf Küppers, Faculty of Medicine
GRK 1240

Nanotronics (bis 2010)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Markus Winterer, Faculty of Engineering

GRK 1045

Modulation von Wirtszellenfunktionen zur Behandlung viraler und bakterieller Infektionen (bis 2013)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Ulf Dittmer, Faculty of Medicine

GRK 902

Teaching and learning of science (until 2012)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Elke Sumfleth, Faculty of Chemistry

Structured education and training: Graduate Schools

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