Pressemitteilung der Universität Duisburg-Essen

Start-up presents an indoor navigation system at the international trade fair IFA

Locoslab points the way

[23.08.2013] Everything is new, the building confusing and full of people - one is likely to get lost. Especially in airports, malls and fairs the orientation often is difficult. In this situation a localization app would be very useful, as they are already available outdoor. This is what the start-up company Locoslab shows at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin (06.-11.09.2013). The indoor navigation system works with Wi-Fi and can be adapted quickly and flexibly. Locoslab is a start-up of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE).

The research focus of the three computer scientists and inventors of the system at the University Duisburg-Essen are networked embedded systems such as for wireless communication. To take the step from the fiction to a marketable product Locoslab was founded by Stephan Wagner, Dr. Marcus Handte and Prof. Pedro José Marrón last year with assistance of the University Duisburg-Essen, holder of the patents.

"GPS devices, as already known for traffic, need a line of sight to the satellite so they are not usable indoors" says Stephan Wagner, who leads the start-up conjointly with Professor Pedro José Marrón and Dr. Marcus Handte. "Our navigation system uses standard wireless networks - even outdoors - and it is very accurate. But really new is the calibration software." If you want to use a positioning system in different areas nowadays e.g. for a campus instead of an airport the app needs to be reconfigured and adapted. This is very complex and expensive. "Our patented technique is much faster and cheaper. We can customize the app for each customer quickly."

How to get from A to B in the exhibition jungle can be tested by the visitors locally during the IFA (Hall 11.1, Booth 3B). Or they can find out about what the localization systems from Locoslab can fulfill additionally: monitor/supervise the logistics and transport of goods.

Find more information here: or contact Stephan Wagner, Tel.+49 (0) 203 379 1668

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Translation: Stephan Wagner

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