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UDE-project seeking companies in the IT industry

Successful from a distance

[01.08.2013] The software engineer works in Hong Kong, the supervisor has his office in Berlin and the graphic designer in Paris does the finishing touch. But how can work be done perfectly when all tasks are distributed? This is what researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) want to find out in the new project «TransSoft». The research is focused on software companies in which transnational distribution of software development is common practice. The «TransSoft»-research team is seeking IT companies interested in taking part in this academic study.

The aim of «TransSoft» is to analyze the interplay between technically pre-structured processes of transnational cooperation and their corresponding patterns of work. The UDE-experts also aim to explain how the results are combined optimally afterwards, even if the team is working organizationally or geographically separated. Do too many cooks spoil the broth? – Or are there certain environments that promote a successful collaboration? For this purpose, they conduct interviews with software developers and compare the cooperation practices in the companies.

The project is funded by The German Research Foundation for the next two years and is embedded in the main research area „Transformation of contemporary societies: Building order in a borderless world“.

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