Introduction to literature management with Citavi

First steps with Citavi

In workshops we offer you an introduction to the Citavi program. We show you the first steps to your Citavi project and practise together how to fill and structure your project.

In these introductory courses, the basic functions of Citavi are explained and practiced. No previous knowledge is required.
Dates online seminars (in German)

Focal points include:

  • How to install Citavi and about the license version.
  • What Citavi looks like and how to use it.
  • How to import references and electronic full texts from catalogues and databases.
  • How to insert references and quotations with one click into your word document.
  • How to choose a citation style for your references and create a bibliography.

Target group

  • students of the University of Duisburg-Essen
  • academic staff of the UDE
  • all interested


There are no workshops in English language at the moment. Please use our online self-study course.

Please note:
Citavi is a Windows application and the add-in is only available for MS Word.


Download and installation

Citavi Desktop (Windows)

Citavi installieren (User manual)

Upgrading to Citavi 6 from a Previous Version

License key for students and employees of the UDE

Create a Citavi account here ( using your UDE mailing adress. Your license key is available there. Open Citavi Windows and enter your access data for the Citavi account. This makes Citavi Windows unrestricted available to you.  Now the application has unlimited capacity and also allows teamwork for small teams in a local network or in the Citavi Cloud.


  • Desktop für Windows (7 and higher), Citavi Cloud
  • multilingual surface
  • Teamwork on a shared space on the UDE fileserver or in the Citavi Cloud
  • Please note: For data protection reasons, we recommend storing sensitive project data locally instead of in the Citavi Cloud. Please note the privacy policy and the user agreement that you agree to when creating your Citavi account.
  • You can use Citavi on a Macintosh with Parallels or Boot Camp.
  • Imortant: Please do not automaticly sync with a cloud (Sciebo, Dropbox, OneDrive...) while working with your project in Citavi.


  • manage your citations, quotations, commentations and own ideas  complete with references
  • cite with mouse click
  • export the hierarchic text structure to your word processing program
  • plan your tasks
  • search for locations
  • grouped bibliographies


Insert citations

UDE specific citation styles (ZIP file)

Historisches Institut

Institut für Romanische Sprachen und Literaturen
 (Prof. Böhm)

Institut für Straßenbau

Lehrstuhl für Internationale Rechnungslegung
 (Prof. Dr. Kasperzak)  (Stand: 2018)

Medizin (neue Ausführungsbestimmungen Stand: 4/2018)

Medizinmanagement (Leitfaden Version 9, 2019)

MSM F1 (Fußnotenstil, Leitfaden Stand: Okt. 2018)

MSM F2  (textinternes Zitat, Leitfaden Stand: Okt. 2018)

PIM (Prof. Dr. Zelewski alter Leitfaden)

PIM (Prof. Dr. Zelewski Leitfaden Version 41)


Save the file (right click > Save target as...; let the file name end with .ccs and choose all files as file type; Chrome: open the file before saving it ) in the directory Custom Citation Styles (usually located in C: \ Users \ username \ My Documents \ Citavi 6 \). You find the style immediately in the list of citation styles in Citavi and the Word Add-In.

If you find any deviations from the citation rules in the respective guide in the adapted styles, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you with any adjustments to your citation style, write to us:

Moodle courses

  • learn Citavi on your own
  • at any time

Citavi-Kurs in Moodle (de)
Citavi course in Moodle (en)

Learn the basics online!

Would you like to work with Citavi? Learn the basics in our online self-study course.

Go to the Moodle course

In addition, we recommend these Citavi training videos instead of the classroom courses as learning material.

Do you still have questions? We are happy to help!

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