Email notification

All users regularly receive various notifications by email.

You will receive these notifications only by email:

  • welcome newsletter after successful registration,
  • monthly account statements with information on borrowed media, reservations, interlibrary loans and fees,
  • pick-up notifications for media that have been made available,
  • collection notifications for interlibrary loan orders that have arrived,
  • reminders for media that have been made available and have not yet been collected,
  • notices of cancelled orders,
  • advance reminders 10 days before the expiry of the loan period,
  • reminders for missed deadlines,
  • information about a changed PIN.

These notifications are sent automatically. It is not possible to make a selection.

Notices of payment after four reminders are sent exclusively by postal mail.

How do I enter my email address?

You can enter and change your email address yourself via your library account:

  • Call up your lending account
  • Choose the link "PERSONAL DETAILS" in the menu bar.
  • Click on "EDIT DETAILS".
  • Enter your desired email address in the "My email" line.
  • Finally, click on the link "SAVE CHANGES".

Not to forget:

By providing your email address, you agree to receive the above notifications by email only and to bear the risk of any non-delivery.

Changes to the email address must be reported to the library immediately or entered into your account.

The pre-reminders of the end of the loan period are a free additional service provided by the library. They do not release you from the obligation to check the loan periods of the borrowed books in order in order not to exceed them.

Keep track of your return dates!

Import the due dates of your borrowed media into your calendar system as an iCal calendar.

more about the calendar of due dates