E-mail notification

The Duisburg-Essen University Library offers the possibility of receiving notifications by e-mail.

There are no postal charges for e-mail notifications.

Which notifications are sent by e-mail?

IIf you provide your e-mail address, the following notifications will be sent by e-mail only:

  • Pickup notifications for provided books,
  • notifications to collect interlibrary loan orders,
  • notifications to collect stockroom orders,
  • pre-reminder 5 days ahead of the due date of your borrowed media,
  • reminders after the lending period for your borrowed media.
    The fourth and last reminder (20,00 €) is sent by post.

It is not possible to make a selection of e-mail notifications!

How do I enter my e-mail address?

You can enter your e-mail address (or an altered e-mail address) in your account:

  • Call up your lending account
  • Choose the link "PERSONAL DETAILS" in the menu bar.
  • Click on "EDIT".
  • Enter your desired e-mail address in the line "My e-mail".
  • Finally, click on the button "SAVE CHANGE".

If you do not wish to receive notifications by e-mail, you have to delete your e-mail address from your loan account as described (the input field "My e-mail" will remain empty in this case).

Please note:

By providing your e-mail address, you agree to receive notifications by e-mail only and bear the risk of non-delivery.Changes to your e-mail address must be communicated to the library immediately or entered in your account.

The notifications and reminders are an additional free service by the library and do not relieve you of the obligation of checking the due dates of your borrowed books in order to avoid exceeding the due date.


How to keep up with your due dates!
Use the iCalender option and include the due dates of your borrowed media in your calender system (such as Outlook, Google, iPhone, iPad, Thunderbird).