Short-term loan

The following can be borrowed on a short-term basis:

Non-borrowable media with an even location mark from the open access areas of the branch libraries:

  • short-term loan overnight:
    from 6pm until the following day at 10am
  • short loan over the weekend:
    from Friday, 4pm until Monday 10am


In case of late return after 10am, a fee of 2.00 € per borrowed media unit will be charged. These will increase by 2.00 € per calendar day if the loan period is exceeded even further.

Please return the media borrowed via short loan to the branch library from which you borrowed them. It is not possible to return the book to the other campus or to another branch library.

Excluded from the short-term loan are ...

... these reference stocks:

  • bibliographies / reserved information collection (D02, E00)
  • media from the stock-room (D04, D06, D08, D14, D16, E04, E06, E36)
  • loose-leaf collections
  • semester collections
  • special collection European Union (D28)
  • special collection of youth literature (E02)
  • journals

... the external holdings of these locations:

  • Institute for Development and Peace - INEF (D50)
  • Archive material (D52)
  • Steinheim-Institut (E88)
  • Niederrhein-Bibliothek (E86)
  • Central Student Advisory Service Duisburg (D62)
  • Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Duisburg-Essen (E60)
  • Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities - KWI (E82, E84)
  • Centre for Information and Media Services - CIM (D66, E80)