Terms of use for the library PC network


These regulations supplement the regulations of use of the Duisbug-Essen University Library in the version of 23/09/2005.

The internet workstations and the other computer workstations are available to users of the UL under the conditions and legal parameters contained in these regulations. These workstations were set up primarily for the aims of research and teaching.

The UL expressly distances itself from the contents of linked WWW pages and does not subscribe to these external contents. The opinions and/or assertions on the linked pages are the sole responsibility of the author(s) of these linked WWW pages and do not reflect the opnion of the library.

Exclusion of liability of the library towards internet service providers

The library accepts no liability for

  • contraventions by users of copyright and licencing laws,
  • the results of contractual obligations between users and internet providers, in particular not financial obligations deriving from orders or the use of paid-for services.

Disclaimer of the library towards the users

The library accepts no liability for

  • the harm ensuing to users caused by the defective contents of the media used by them,
  • the harm ensuing to users caused by the use of workstations and the media offered there on files and other storage devices,
  • the harm ensuing to users caused by the misuse of data by third persons because of insufficient data protection on the internet.

Exclusion of warranty of the library towards users

The library excludes warranties which relate to

  • the functionality of the hardware and software provided by it, in particular in the case of self-service functions,
  • the availability of the information and media made accessible by it at these workstations.

Compliance with penal regulations

Users obligate

  • to observe the legal provisions of the criminal laws and of the Children and Young Persons Act and neither to use nor to disseminate illegal information at the computer workstations,
  • not to manipulate files and programs of the library or of third persons,
  • not to use protected data wrongfully,
  • to use data and files on disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, video or audio cassettes or other data carriers only for their own academic purposes, to make copies only for their own use, as long as no commercial aims are being pursued, and to keep the data carriers, after use, under lock and key.

User liability

Users obligate

  • to assume the costs for the rectification of damage arising from their use of devices and media of the library,
  • not to give their password to third persons,
  • and, if their password is given to third persons, to assume all the costs for damage thus arising.

Technical restrictions on use

It is forbidden for users

  • to alter workstation and network configurations,
  • to try to repair technical malfunctions themselves,
  • to install programs from their own data carriers or from the Net on workstations, unless other regulations have been expressly made,
  • to use their own data carriers on devices which are not expressly made available for this purpose.

Organisational rules of use

All workstations are primarily intended for studying, teaching and research.

They are available to all users as follows:

  • Data can be called up wihout personal registration which
    a) are stored on the servers of the Duisburg-Essen University or
    b) are on external servers as long as they are sources relevant to library use, such as databases, reference works, electronic journals, e-books.
  • In order to call up further external sources, a personal registration is required..
    The authentification is carried out by entering your library card number and the relevant password or by entering your university identification (= Unikennung) provided by the CIM.
  • In case of a shortage the library can limit the length of use and clear occupied workstations for other users. university members are given preference over external users. In individual cases, the library can exclude certain internet addresses from use.

Obligation to observe these rules of use and the following sanction measures

With the use of a workstation or with the admission to the use of the library, users obligate to acknowledge and observe these regulations of use.

The library can forbid the calling up of services which violate the Data Protection Act, the Children and Young Persons Act and the Penal Code. Such a use will lead to the user's exclusion from the library. In the case of such violations, the library can make use of all technically feasible means of recording illegal access to provide evidence.

In case of repeated violations or of repeated failure to comply with these regulations and recommendations, the user can be temporarily banned from using the library after he or she has been questioned by the head of the library.