Purchase suggestions from the faculties


The University Library is basically responsible for the acquisition of all types of media. It has been granted special discounts and conditions, and it guarantees the provision of the acquired literature for all UDE members.

The titles of the desired media can be submitted individually (see, e.g., the forms in the blue box) or as lists to the University Library.


  • check the titles against the catalogue before ordering
    (please make it clear if the title is already present);
  • give, as far as possible, all known bibliographical details in an unabbreviated form;
  • clearly indicate orders, in case you deliberately wish to have the paperback edition of a book;
  • provide every order with the appropriate budget details (in the case of lists it is sufficient to give these once at the top of each sheet);
  • submit the orders separately according to categories (e.g. orders for staff collections, urgent orders and out-of-print books); this will help us to process your orders accurately.

Financial Requirements

The fulfilment of orders depends on the distribution of funds in the current financial year.
The following budgets are available for the acquisition of literature:

Literature budget of the departments:
Once every quarter, account statements are produced. Please take these into consideration when ordering.

Material expenses (as well as appointment funds, third-party funds and project resources):
Please indicate details concerning the budget to charge (fund, account or PSP element, impersonal account). The supervision of these funds is the orderer's responsibility. The library is responsible for the acquisition and provides the literature after preferential processing.

> more about orders from material expenses

Special Orders

Multiple copies:
Please do not hesitate to order multiple copies, especially in the case of textbooks.

Reserve collections:
If a new book should be places directly in a reserve collection, please indicate the number of the collection on your order.

Reserved collections for members of staff (Handapparate):
These are a special forms of provision for a limited circle of users. Please note our leaflet.

Library cards for material expenses (Sachmittelausweise):
Media purchased from material expenses are borrowed to a special lending account (see leaflet).

Antiquarian orders:
These - usually in the form of lists - are to be submitted with the catalogue of the bookdealer. Since acquisitions from second-hand dealers depend upon availability, these orders are given preferential processing.