Literature orders from material resources

Benefit from the supplier contacts and special conditions of the UL for orders from regular material resources as well as budget resources, third party or project funds.

We take care of procuring and providing the requested literature and guarantee the proper proof (inventory) of the acquired media. When processing invoices, we have the option of importing electronic invoice data into SAP, thus making the processes for the university as a whole much more efficient.

Please use our order form. Please sign it and send it to the library or send it as a scan to, along with the details of the desired literature and the data of the budget to be charged (fund, cost center or PSP element and general ledger account).

Media - assuming they are not consumable material - will get inventoried and catalogued as usual. After that, they will be provided for loan with your special library card for material expenses (= Sachmittelausweis) . You will receive a notification as soon as the media is available.

Order form

Please contact us!

For book orders:

Duisburg campus:
Pia Klar (+49 (0) 203 379 2017)

Essen campus:
Susanne Büttner (+49 (0) 201 183 2797)
Anne Horstmann (+49 (0) 201 183 3849)

For subscriptions / loose-leaf editions:

Anne Horstmann (+49 (0) 201 183 3849)

For journals and electronic media:

Duisburg campus:
Sarina Stöcker (+49 (0) 203 379 2059)

Essen campus:
Silke Müller (+49 (0) 201 183 3717)

Please note:

Monitoring the resources

As long as you have not redirected the funds to the library (recommended if you want to obtain literature from it regularly), you remain responsible for monitoring it yourself!

Please contact us if you would like to redirect the funds:
Duisburg campus:  Pia Klar (+49 (0) 203 379 2017)
Essen campus:        Bettina Hegemann (+49 (0) 201 183 3942).


Due to the special nature and quantity of the current daily papers and weekly magazines (for example, WAZ, FAZ, Handelsblatt, Die Zeit), their processing continues to be decentralized. The invoices will be forwarded to the administration for processing as usual.

When ordering electronic media, special conditions often apply; Here, the best conditions should be clarified in advance with the library.

Any questions?

We have the compiled the most important information about

  • financing
  • catalogue listing / liability
  • lending and returning

in our leaflet for you.

Leaflet about special loans / library cards for material resources