Campus delivery service

What is the campus delivery service?

The internal campus delivery service (CaLD) allows to order all lendable and available media from the branch libraries on the other campus which are not available locally on your campus.

Who can order?

All users of the Duisburg-Essen University Library with a valid library card.

What can be ordered?

All lendable and available media from the libraries on the other campus. Books from the reference collections in the stockrooms with the location marks D04, D08, D16, D96, D98, E06 und E36 can also be ordered.

Please use our internal article delivery service to order journal articles only available on the other campus.

How do I order?

At first, please log in to Primo and start your search.

Please choose the tab "Locations" and click on the option "Hold" in the column "Request Options". Select your pickup location and finally press the button "Hold".

When and where can I collect the media?

Usually three days after placing an order, the media can be collected in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, the LK Library or the Medical Library (according to your choice). Please note that orders to the Medical Library or from the external stock-room Ruhrort will need more time.

You will receive an e-mail notification once the medium is ready for collection. All provided items will be kept for five days.

Where do I return media?

Media can be returned in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, the LK Library or the Medical Library whether they were ordered via campus delivery service or borrowed personally.

Items that were borrowed via short-term borrowing can not be returned at the other campus. They need to be returned at the same campus they were borrowed.

Please also note our special information regarding re-loans of items after having reached the five-time renewal limit.

Why can't I place an order?

You would like to order media from the other campus but no link "Hold" (= "Vormerkung / Bestellung") appears?

Possible causes:

  • You haven't logged in yet.
    Please log in to Primo and select the option "Sign in" (= "Anmelden").
  • The media may not be lendable and therefore can not be ordered via campus delivery service.
  • Your user rights are not recorded correctly for the campus delivery service. Please contact our staff the lending desks personally.