Reservations & orders

You can place reservations for borrowed items via Primo, our online catalogue.

In addition, you can use our campus delivery service to order all lendable and available media from the branch libraries on the other campus.

How can I place a reservation?

Select your title from the result list.

You can go directly to the location display by selecting the link "Checked out" or "Several locations":

In the "LOCATIONS ITEMS" display, you will see the following note:

Click on the link "sign in" and enter your user number and your password. Alternatively, UDE members can use their university identification (= Unikennung) to sign in.

If all copies of a title have been borrowed, you will find the link "Hold" in the "LOCATION ITEMS" display:

Select the link "Hold" and then select your desired pickup location:

Finally, click on the button "SEND REQUEST".

The successful order will be displayed in your account under the heading "Requests".


Please note:
The reservation or order option is not offered, if lendable copies of a title are still available on your campus.

The reservation or order is at your own risk.

Between 0:00am and approximately 1:30am your account is not available for reservations due to backup operations.

How do you inform me about media ready to be picked up?

As soon as the media are ready for pick up, you will receive a notification by post or by e-mail in case your e-mail adress is recorded in your account.

There is a postal charge for notifications sent by letter. Pick-up notifications by e-mail are free.

The media will be provided for one week.

Where can I pick up reserved media?

In the LK, BA anc MC Libraries (Duisburg) as well an in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library and MNT Library (Essen), reserved media (except journals and interlibrary loan orders) are presented in a publicly accessible area. You can collect reserved media yourself and check out at the terminals yourself.

In the Medical Library you can pick up reserved media at the lending desk.

How can I cancel a reservation or order?

You can cancel reservations from your account:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • In the section "Requests" you will find a list of your orders.
  • Select the "CANCEL" link next to each title.

You can not delete orders from the stockroom and from the other campus via the campus delivery service (CaLD) on your own. Please contact the lending desk or send an e-mail to