The UL sees itself as the central point of the university, where study, teaching and research are connected.

With our open exhibition concept we would like to contribute to
present the work of the various UDE faculties.

As a cultural institution, we are of course also open to the urban community.
Whoever exhibits with us will be seen.

Digital exhibition

©Lea Roth

Learning for change

In cooperation with the Institute of Art and Art History, the University Library presents an online exhibition for the first time:
Students from the Bachelor and Master of Education present their stop-motion films as part of art education.

To the exhibition

From 26/01/2022, 1pm, you can see here the online exhibition
"Making the invisible visible: The ups and downs of living with type 1 diabetes".

Permanent exhibition

University and Mercator: The famous cartographer in the reform concept of the Comprehensive University of Duisburg

The exhibition of the University Archive shows numerous photos, documents and objects from the Duisburg comprehensive university period (1972-2003). The focus is on the implementation of the education reform concept of the North Rhine-Westphalian state government at the Duisburg university, where the personality Gerhard Mercator played a leading role in image cultivation.

Duisburg campus
LK Library
1st floor

It is also planned to exhibit the atlases previously on display for years in the LK Library as digital copies.

Mercator: atlases and seals of the old Duisburg UL

Previous exhibitions

Occasionally, the library arranges small exhibitions on current topics, on services or on our library's media holdings.

Previously on display

You would like to cooperate with us for an exhibition?

As a cultural institution, the UB is also open to non-university members.
If you would like to plan an exhibition with us, please feel free to contact us.

Coordination: Digital exhibitions:
Meike Bohlmann
Essen campus
Humanities and Social Sciences Library
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+49 (0) 201 183 2486
Dr. Anke Petschenka
Essen campus
Humanities and Social Sciences Library
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