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shaiith -

New methods for biodiversity monitoring in Europe's riversUDE coordinates international 2-million-EUR-project

  • von Astrid Bergmeister
  • 01.03.2024

New methods for biodiversity monitoring help to detect changes at an early stage and protect nature. This particularly applies to river ecosystems. The "DNAquaIMG" project led by UDE Professor Florian Leese enables better monitoring of biodiversity in rivers.

UDE/AG Pentcheva

Targeted optimization of electrocatalystsPath to sustainable hydrogen

  • 18.12.2023

Catalysts play a crucial role in splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. Yet, applying electrical voltage alters the catalyst's structure, impacting catalytic activity. This poorly understood phenomenon has been investigated.


UDE Bundles ExpertiseNew Faculty of Computer Science

  • von Astrid Bergmeister
  • 01.09.2023

The UDE is founding a Faculty of Computer Science as of October 1. "We are combining our already existing expertise in computer science, cognitive science and business informatics, and specifically expanding them," says Rector Prof. Barbara Albert.


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