Hotline -The First Point of Call

The Hotline is the first point of call in case of problems with one of our services. It can be contacted in several ways:

By Telephone

A contact person will accept your inquiry during opening hours. If a particular problem cannot be resolved directly it will be passed to the experts for advice and/or action via a ticket system. The progress of the problem solution is followed by escalation stages.


You can also report your problem directly using our online form, thus automatically generating a call or adding additional information to an already existing call.

Progress of your Call

For every call the call logging system creates an E-Mail to you: 

Betreff: <Thema des Calls> (Call #<call-id>)
Ihr Problem/Ihre Anfrage wird von uns unter der Bearbeitungsnummer <call-id> bearbeitet.

With this call-id you can 

  • place more information to the call
  • get information about the progress of work at the e-Point or the Hotline