Changes in the organizational process of the PC Halls from summer semester 2023 onwards.

New form for exam registration

If you are conducting a PC-based exam this semester in one of the PC Halls (A-009, A-003, R11 T08 C98), please complete the following form regarding technical information: Examination Registration ZIM

This allows us to improve the communication processes with you and avoid separate individual emails.

Exams with LPlus

As already announced in May in the dean of studies round, no exams can be written with LPlus in the summer semester 2023. Please switch to Moodle or Jack.

Access to the PC Halls

Please borrow a transponder for the PC Halls premises via the service center in order to enter the room and lock it again. You should do this regardless of our presence in case of unplanned delays due to traffic or similar.

Support from ZIM on site

Support and technical assistance by the ZIM PC-Hall team will only be provided if the corresponding form Examination Registration ZIM is completed fully as early soon possible.

Examinations with Moodle

A specification of concrete Moodle course rooms (URL) is no longer required. You can find more information about the process of exams with Moodle in our new FAQ.

Please remind your students to log out of Moodle at the end of an exam!

Examination Systems

The UDE offers various examination systems. Further details and consulting services can be found on the following pages:

Teaching and learning platform Moodle

With the Quiz and Assignment learning activities, Moodle provides a flexible tool to conduct exams and take home exams.

The JACK exercise and examination system

JACK offers the possibility to check programming tasks statically and dynamically as well as to generate visualizations of data structures. Other generic task types such as multiple choice and cloze texts can be used for tasks. Randomization of content and connection to computer algebra systems is also possible.

The LPLUS examination software (currently not available)

The LPLUS-System® supports the entire examination process from task creation to examination registration, examination execution, evaluation and archiving.


You can reach the PC Hall team at




There are two PC Halls at Campus Essen: on Campus in R11 R08 C98 (196 seats) and on Altendorferstraße in A-009 (150 seats) and A-003 (70 seats). Further information about the rooms: Equipment PC Halls


General Examination Regulations

GEBERAL EXAMINATION REGULATION for Bachelor's degree programs at the University of Duisburg-Essen dated December 21, 2010:

§ 20, paragraph 2
Written examinations may be conducted as software-based examinations (e-examinations). Para.1 sentence 2 applies accordingly. The students are to be informed of the form of examination. They shall be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the examination conditions and the examination system. (translated from German)